Customer Reviews/Letters

Bryan, I've been playing the guitar now since Wednesday, and I really love everything about it. I especially love the full low end sound it produces. It is really an incredible guitar. It sounds great and plays great as well, well worth every penny. I'm curious as to what kind of strings you put on your guitar. I'm super pleased with everything about the guitar.



​I just wanted to drop you a note about the guitar, your #8 Dreadnaught, that was given to me recently by a friend.

I really feel like I received two gifts with this amazing guitar. First, from my good friend who presented me with this fine instrument. Additionally however, is the gift of the workmanship and downright beauty of this fine piece of lutherie.

I have been playing guitar for over 35 years and have probably played thousands of guitars and owned more than a few. One thing I believe all long-time players understand is that individual guitars differ from one another. One D-28 isn't quite the same as the next one often times. As a result, some really good guitars really ain't all that good. Just because it's fancy or has your favorite name on the headstock doesn't mean it plays or sounds worth a lick.

I have found myself many times gravitating towards the well worn sound and feel of an over-looked well-beaten "player" rather than the fancy looks of the high-end wall hanger. I am even fortunate enough to have kept of the few of these examples I have owned. Not all, a few got away, we all know what that is like. I tell you that though, to tell you this. I am not easily swayed by a pretty guitar.

The only ones I really consistently reach for are the ones that PLAY or SOUND like something. Buddy, I can assure you that this darn guitar is a player and she's the best looking girl at the dance too!

It is loud without being "boomy". It has bottom end to spare but still articulate and surprisingly balanced for a Dreadnaught. It handles delicate fingerpicking and steps up like a champ when it comes time to pound on it. I don't think I have ever played it's equal and I am proud as I can possibly be to own it.

I've shown it with great pride to several of the best players I know in the area and they have all been mightily impressed. I hope to bring you a few folks who will want one of their own someday.

I know you will continue to make these guitars and know you will produce some wonderful work that will likely be #8's equal. As fine as your work will be though, I don't believe there will ever be one better.

Bryan, this one stays in the family.

Thank you.
S. Champion


I just wanted to take a minute to let you know what a pleasure it has been dealing with Jason Clark. I have been cutting my own logo inlays by hand for several years now, but I have been considering using an outside company for time and consistency sake. I had called and spoke with Jason a while ago and decided I would try you guys out for my next project. I ended up sending him several different files of slight variations of my logo, hoping that he would be able to use one. We ended up exchanging several emails as Jason tweaked his drawing many times trying to capture my vision until it looked perfect. He informed me of the .004" inlays you are able to produce and was able to send me two perfect logos for a much lower price than what I had anticipated. It was the perfect touch for an otherwise stunning and strange instrument (I'll be sure to send pictures when the paint is dry).

There is a huge lack of customer service that has been spreading as prices drop and jobs move overseas. I am never surprised by the lack of respect that I receive, especially from wholesale companies that don't have to deal often with the end user. It is a pleasure to find a company that cares as much about my end product as I do and Jason's commitment to my satisfaction is refreshing. Thank you for employing such help. I hope to deal with Jason and your company for many years to come.

P. Taylor


To whom it may concern,
Do you sell groupie repellant spray? Ever since I put the FWI nut, saddle, and bridge pins on my Martin 000-28EC it sound so wonderful that the girls just won't leave me alone. My guitar already sounded great ( I thought ), but since I installed the FWI parts the sound quality, and sustain have increased dramaticlly. The bass is much clearer and the mids and treble have such a distinction and note to note seperation to them that I am amazed. My guitar had a couple of wolf notes before i installed the FWI, not any more, every note is clear as a bell. Even the volume of my instrument has increased. I have read claims on the internet and in magazines about this or that gizmo that is supposed to make your guitar sound better and have been very skeptical. I decided to try your FWI products and will never go back to bone, rosewood or any other substance. I'm convinced. From here on out,...nothing goes on my guitars but FWI. Your service was outstanding. My order was produced and at my door in about a week. I almost failed to mention how beautiful the FWI is because i am a function before form type of guy. If you do sell groupie repellant spray do you have the type that excludes repelling red heads?

A. Vertrea'


It's great to have a company I can count on like yours. I got my truss rod cover yesterday and it looked great. Thanks for the great service. Your people are the best in my book. Your check is in the mail. It may be the middle of next week before you receive it because of the holiday weekend. It was put in the mail Friday morning. Thanks again for letting me make a phone call and get what I needed shipped to me so fast. Keep up the good work!
Keep on pick'in,

T. Strange


Hello Mr.Elmore, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful work on the RT Bars box that was auctioned at FanFeast last Saturday. It helped the total substantially! I would also like to thank you for maintaining our links to the museum and ROMP on your “links” section. We will be updating both of our sites soon and will definitely have one for you. On the museum link though, please change the URL to . Thanks! The dates for ROMP 2006 are June 22-25, 2006 so Save The Date!

Thanks again.
M. Lawing


Keith, Jason,
I received the DG headstock logos and truss rod covers the other day. Thank you both for a fantastic job. They look great. This will save me hours of frustration and will last me for many years to come.

Thanks again,
R. D'Ginto


Hi Bryan,
I appreciate you giving me a follow up.  I received my new pin and everything is excellent.  I guess the other pin must have had a hairline crack or something.  Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for the quick replacement and quality service.  By the way the more I play my guitar the better it is sounding, I think (which I may be wrong) that it takes a little while for a guitar to settle in after getting a new saddle and nut.  I have told several people about your work and let them play my guitar.  I have not had one bad comment yet. As a matter of fact anyone that has played my guitar before, has really noticed a big difference.  And a couple of people have said they are considering getting ivory on their guitars.  So I am giving your name and number to them, and hopefully they will be giving you a call. Anyway thanks again, and I'll look forward to visiting with you when we can get a chance.

J. Callahan


I bought my England Mandolin on March 19, 2005.  It was love at first "A" chord. I have a model ST-548C.  It is just alittle bigger than a traditional mandolin width.  I met Bryan at IBMA a year ago and decided to buy one of his mandolins.  It is seriously one of the best sounding mandolins i have ever played.  I would recommend an England Mandolin to anyone.



Hi Bryan,
I love the effect of the FWI on my jumbo koa.  I replaced the nut only.  It made strings 1 and 2 louder, and "firmer" sounding.  The bass end was cleaned up, and is much clearere sounding.  If anything, it made this dobro sound more like the old, pre-war Dobros sound.



Hi Mr.Osborne,
Just got in from band practice,Those guy's I pick with could not get over how much better the Osborne mandolin sounded over the mandolin,They went on and on about the looks and mostly the sound of it and how rang out so,I never said a word,Frankie Bradley ,the singer /guitar player said,Chuck I wouldn't want to hurt your feeling's but I'd sell that if I were you,I told him that crossed my mine in the first thirty minutes I held the Osborne mandolin,It's just like you said,It' one of a kind,It's great,And I love it,The strap worked out just fine that we were talking about also,Thanks again for such a unbelievable great sounding and beautiful mandolin,Their really is no words that can describe the quality of the workmanship and sound tones this mandolin withholds,It's world class.

Regards and God Bless,
​C. Brown


Please tell Dwight that he did a beautiful job inlaying the buckeye burl I provided in the dark FWI pins.  It's exactly what I wanted.  Very clean work. He obviously spent some time on the project. It's going to look great on the guitar I'm building.  Jeff

Thank you,


Hello Missy,

Just wanted to write and say I was extremely satisfied with my last order of fingerboard and peghead. They arrived in a very timely manner. Pearl work was excellent, and the profile was almost perfect. Very little sanding required. I have just ordered another set with hearts and flowers inlay.

D Embrey


Dear Bryan & Missy,

The buffalo horn pins with star inlays were delivered today. They look stunning!  Thanks you very much.

I have just fitted them & to my (old but new to me) Gibson J-45, and was quite surprised how much better they sound than the original slotted plastic pins. (I had the bridge slotted & ramped while many other repairs were done to the rather beaten up, but apparently hardly played, 2001 guitar.)

Many thanks again,
W Muir


Hi Custom Inlay,

I thought that you may like to know that I have received my Bridge Pins and End pin for my Martin HD28 guitar ordered in January. The pins compliment my guitar extremely well as the fretboard dot inlays are also Mother of Pearl. I am very pleased with all the pins you have supplied as the workmanship is outstanding. As I am a few thousand miles away from Caneyville and not able to locate the pins for my guitar in the UK I obtained your details having contacted Martin Guitars directly to request if they could help me and they e-mailed me a link to your web site.

I am very pleased they did as I am delighted with what I have received.  Thank you for the service which you have provided.

R Hay